British Heritage

An incredible story
“A MG is not merely a vehicle taking you from one place to another. It gives you a sense of modernity and delight. It tempts you to drive and own it, to take pleasure from it.”

The reason why the MG brand can sweep over the world in attributed to its brand core value: Character, Charisma and Creativity. What the MG brand communicates is not only its design concept, but also the brand commitment MG, Make the Difference. The MG brand integrates its character and charisma into every touch of detail, helping MG owners make their individual life style come true, and gain a new self.

“A MG is not merely a vehicle taking you from one place to another. It gives you a sense of modernity and delight. It tempts you to drive and own it, to take pleasure from it.” A true character is the nature of demonstration of the innermost passion, with the inherent longing for uniqueness, and the persevering pursuit of self-value. MG’s character is not the simple quest for difference, but an insight into the feeling of staying true to ourselves.

As for charisma, a British gentleman with good demeanour can be wild and crazy on speedway. For this reason, the MG brand, as the representative of the UK automobile industry, is born with the UK charisma. MG’s charisma is the dogged persistence to be exceptional and also the presentation of its sheer confidence.

Over the past 85 years, it is the creativity that built MG’s century-old reputation. The acclaimed creativity lies in the distinctive vision and concept, and no compromise over quality.


An incredible story
“William Morris created MG in 1924. 90 years later, the brand pursues it quest in affordable luxury.”

MG (Morris Garages) is the founder of the British automobile industry, not only boasting 5 years’ history and the largest owner’s club in the world, but also holding the titles of Creator of the Fastest Vehicle in the World, the Best-Selling Vehicle in the World and the Best Sports Car Producer, etc.

MG, as the best representative of the UK automobile industry not only makes the British automobile industry a difference, but also has significant leverage in the US Sports Car Movement. Hence, the MG brand history is the chronicle of the world automobile industry. However, today’s glory and pride starts from that legendary year 1924…

When it comes to MG, its octagon logo occurs to the mind of every car lovers in the world. The octagon represents the vitality and quality in the UK aristocratic tradition.

On the speedway, the MG logo is the incarnation of the dreams and glories of numerous champion drivers.

In a series of significant car racing events, MG has created over 40 world speed records, such as Fastest LMP2 in 24 hours of Le Mans, winners of 3 BBTC races, Caterham R400 Challenge Champion breaking the FI speed record, 7 match records of Midland Speed Championship, Euro STC Record, and British National Road Race Record, etc. These records are interpreted in the stablehand firm octagon logo.

From the perspective of millions of car lovers, the MG logo signifies the pursuit of character and quality. If one MG logo brings to you the pride of being the owner of a car that a great many legend people hold in possession, such as Harold Wilson, Winston Churchill, Margaret Hilda Thatcher, and Victoria Beckham; more logos will make you an object of envy in the eyes of many car collectors.


An incredible story
“A true masterpiece captures admiration from all angles. Just close your eyes and hear the beauty roar like a beast. Just a glance and you know the smooth operation is unique. Every detail is a symbol ”

Inherited from the UK Sporty style, the MG brand has been committed to dedicating classical sporty car models to car lovers, and laying solid foundations for the eminence of the British sports cars in the world automobile industry. Whether judged by design or performance, MG is well-recognized model in the British car making industry.


MG model is an embodiment of century-old British aesthetics. With MG’s design, aerodynamics has raised the bar for air aesthetics. With the curved look and the sense of speed, MG model is a perfect interpretation of the elegant but passionate sports exclusively for British Gentlemen. Upon glancing over MG classic cars, you will be in touch with the feelings, namely, smooth, dynamic, elegant and distinctive.